About the Symposium

The annual symposium will host the researchers hired through the ALMA Joint Scientific Research Program, and they will be presenting the latest science results related to ALMA. Hence, we do not accept any contribution talks and posters.


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On-line Registration for Audiences

Registration form.

Deadline : 23:59JST December 15, 2022.
The on-line registration is for the audience of the symposium. If you will attende eather at Mitaka or On-line, please register on above.

Note: The registration is independent on that of ALMA/45m/ASTE Users Meeting 2022 (UM). So, even when you already registered the UM, you need to regster above page again.

Organaizer: Masumi Shimojo (NAOJ)
mailto: masumi.shimojo@nao.ac.jp

Hosted by the ALMA Project, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan