Over the last decade, ALMA have revolutionized observations of star forming galaxies at high-redshift by its unprecedented spatial resolution and sensitivity of sub/mm wavelength. Starting from the ALMA Cycle-7, the ALMA large program: Reionization Era Bright Emission Line Survey (REBELS) have performed spectral scan observations of 40 UV-bright star-forming galaxies in the epoch of reionization at z>6.5. In this talk, we report new results from the cycle-8 ALMA follow up observations of galaxies at z~7 from the REBELS survey, targeting [OIII] 88um emission line and underlying dust continuum. In the Cycle-8 observations, we found bright [OIII] 88 μm emission line detections that enables further investigation of several gas properties including morphology and ionizing properties. On the other hand, we did not find dust continuum detection. Based on the latest cycle-8 observation results, we discuss properties of our targets and implications for future galaxy surveys including upcoming JWST observations.