The morpho-kinematics of high-redshift galaxies is important to understand the formation and evolution processes of galaxies. With its high angular and frequency resolution, ALMA has enabled the morpho-kinematics of galaxies at z > 4. First, I will introduce our recent [OIII] 88 um line observations of a Lyman-break galaxy at z = 9.11 which is magnified by the gravitational lens. The [OIII] line exhibits a clear velocity gradient, and kinematic analyses show the possibility of the galaxy rotation. Then, we have improved the analyses and developed a new 3D-data fitting code of galaxy kinematics, Tokult. Tokult is characterized by two features: 1) taking gravitational lensing effects into account, using deflection-angle maps given by lens models. 2) implementing the uv-plane fitting to deal with spatially correlated noises of ALMA data. Tokult is written in Python and will be public.