We present position-position-velocity cubes of the physical and chemical properties of the molecular medium in the central region of the active galaxy NGC 613 at a resolution of 0.”8 (~68 pc) and a velocity resolution of 10 km/s. We used eight molecular lines and a method based on hierarchical Bayesian inference in constructing cubes of the kinetic gas temperature, molecular hydrogen column density, volume density, and fractional abundances of molecules (C18O, HCN, HCO+, and CS). The derived mean values are not significantly different from the previous studies. The correlation between gas surface densities (converted from the column densities) and star formation rate (SFR) shows two distinct sequences. The molecular clouds in the southwest region of the star-forming ring exhibited a ∼0.5 dex higher SFR than those of the eastern region. We attribute this difference to molecular gas availability (or deficiency), which occurred by the gas supply from the bar. We also report the next application of this method to the central region of M 83.