Publication Support

NAOJ ALMA Project provides the opportunity of financial support for publications and registration fee for online international science conferences in order to support researchers in Japan to be active by strongly pursuing their research using ALMA. We support the first author of the paper (not necessarily the PI of the observing project) and would like to encourage application by young researchers.


Applicants must be the first authors of the papers submitted (or will surely be submitted for the English editing service) to peer-reviewed journals and belong to an institute/university in Japan when receiving the support. The applicants’ affiliation in Japan must be listed in the papers. The papers should include scientific results using ALMA data (PI data as well as archival data) as the primary datasets, and should have the “ALMA program code” in the Acknowledgments. Papers which were submitted in September 2020 and before, which only cite ALMA results/figures, or which only show the importance of future ALMA observations are not the subject of this support.

In principle, the support will be provided on a first-come first-served basis, but in the case of a high number of applications, a selection process may be carried out at the NAOJ ALMA Project discretion. In that situation, early-career researchers will be given priority. Thank you for your understanding if your application is unfortunately rejected.


  • Page charges of the paper (PASJ Open Access is excluded)
  • English editing service fee (only once before submission of the manuscript, in principle)
    Applications will only be accepted for papers ready for submission. The paper must be submitted after using this service.
  • Registration fee for oral presentations in an online international conference hosted or co-hosted by overseas organizations
    Any network cost or cost for communication device(s) and software to connect to the conference will not be supported. A conference held after 2 years since the acceptance of the paper is not eligible for this support (for papers accepted by the end of FY2021). In the coming months, the support may be extended to international travel for a conference or a colloquium depending on the COVID-19 world-wide situation. This additional support would be announced when decided.
  • Commission fee for the creation of images to be used in the press releases led by organizations other than NAOJ
    Please first contact the ALMA-J public outreach office for press releases (see below for the contact information). The office will support the entire process for the press releases. On the other hand, the public outreach office may not be able to accept all the requests due to limitations. In such a case, if the organization where the author belongs to takes the lead in the press release, we would like to support the cost of producing artist images in this Publication Support program: There is a limit to the amount of support you can receive, so please contact us for details. Please also note that we may not always be able to support depending on the number of applications as described in the later paragraph.

    ALMA-J public outreach office (Hiramatsu, Iono):


Application Form

To apply for this support program, please submit the e-mail of acknowledgement (receipt) of the paper submission (except for the English editing support) and a manuscript through the application form above.

An application can be submitted separately for the individual support items described above. You can also apply just to obtain the support ID number to check if your paper is eligible for the support of publication fee and the conference registration fee; please note, however, that the actual support may not be available at the time of the application even if you have already obtained the support ID, since this support is provided on a first-come first-served basis or through a selection process, in the case of a high number of applications.

The paper support must be acknowledged as :

[PI name] was supported by the ALMA Japan Research Grant of NAOJ ALMA Project, NAOJ-ALMA-xxxxxx.

After paper publication, please let us know the publication information (such as paper number and page number).

If NAOJ staff are included in the author list of your papers, please also consider applying for the support provided by NAOJ Public Relations Center.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Last Update: 2021.07.16