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ALMA Data Reduction Support

ALMA Scinece Portal ( provides all the official information for ALMA users. This site aims to provide the information on the services related to ALMA data reduction provided by the East Asian Alma Regional Center (EA ARC). You may think that the Japanese site has more content than the English one, but please do not worry, it is because the same content already exists in Science Portal in English.

Publication Support

Support for publishing papers using ALMA data including for publication fee

Data Reduction Support

Helpdesk and (virtual) face-to-face support

Proposing Observations

Supplementaion information on proposal submissions

Maps To Science

Examples of typical image analysis

For information on EA ARC in general and such as research grants and workshops not listed on this site, please visit ALMA telescope website for researchers.

What's New

  • 2020-08-11 This site has been renewed.