Masayuki Tanaka
Associate Professor
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, 2-21-2, Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo
masayuki.tanaka nao.ac.jp

Hyper Suprime-Cam is a wide-field imager on the Subaru Telescope and I am one of the leading people of the Hyper Suprime-Cam team at NAOJ. My scientific interest is very broad; I am interested in galaxy formation and evolution, active galactic nuclei, and near-field observational cosmology.

I am deeply involved in the on-going Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Survey, which is the largest (300 nights!) observing program ever approved for Subaru. We are aiming at unveiling the nature of dark matter and dark energy, as well as the galaxy evolution over the cosmic time. Aside from this project, I'm actively working on near-IR spectroscopy of massive galaxies at z=2-4 as well as on nearby galaxies to statistically test the missing satellite problem beyond the Local Group.