About the Symposium

The annual symposium will host the researchers hired through the ALMA Joint Scientific Research Program, and they will be presenting the latest science results related to ALMA. Hence, we do not accept any contribution talks and posters.



13:00--13:05Opening address

13:05--13:25Anton Feeney-Johansson (University of Tokyo)
Studying the shell-like structure of protostellar outflows in the eDisk survey
13:25--13:45Kazuki Tokuda (Kyusyu University)
Diversity of Protostellar Outflow-Envelope Structures Revealed by the ALMA Team at Kyushu University
13:45--14:05Rey Enokiya (Kyushu Sangyo University)
Investigating the interstellar gas associated with supernova remnants
14:05--14:25Norita Kawanaka (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
High-resolution observations of the circumnuclear molecular gas disk in NGC 1275
14:25--14:45Samuel Barnier (Osaka University)
The millimetric variability of the Seyfert 1 IC 4329A
14:45--15:05Sanemichi Takahashi (Kagoshima University)
Observational features of self-gravitating protostellar disks


15:45--16:05Lee Kianhong (Tohoku University)
ALMA [CII] observations of TN J0924-2201, the radio galaxy at z=5.2
16:05--16:25Soh Ikarashi (Nihon University)
ALMA deep 12C17O imaging of NGC1068 — new eyes to reveal star formation activity
16:25--16:45Hiddo Algera (Hiroshima University)
The Dust and ISM Properties of High-redshift Galaxies
16:45--17:05Yoshinobu Fudamoto (Chiba University)
Origins of [CII]158um lines from star-forming galaxies in the epoch of reionization: new ALMA observations of [NII]205um lines
17:05--17:25Yuma Sugahara (Waseda University)
RIOJA: Optical and Far-Infrared View of a Major Merger at z = 7.15

17:25--17:30Closing remarks

  • The times written in the program are Japan Standard Time (JST).
  • The time for each talk is 20 minutes, including a Q&A time.
  • No banquet will be organized.

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Deadline : 18 December, 2023, 12:00(JST)

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Organaizer: Bunyo Hatsukade, Masumi Shimojo, Xiaoyang Chen, Yu Chen (NAOJ)
Hosted by the ALMA Project, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan