General Access Logging Policy in NAOJ

The general access logging policy in NAOJ

This policy has been established, as our commitment to our respectful users, to ensure our network security, preventing fraud, and optimizing network and computer resources. By using these services, you are deemed to agree with the policy, and, consequently, we will record your access activities.


We will collect your activities for the following purposes: a) Preventing and avoiding security incidents on our network and computing resources; b) Optimizing computing and network resources; c) Analyzing system malfunction or service failure on our network and computing system, and investigating causes of errors; and d) Improving content quality and making statistics of the number of user access and the number of users to publish as a measurable achievement of our services; e) responding to low enforcements, security investication authoritis.

Term and collecting data

We will collect your personal data recorded in our 'Access Log', including your host IP address, application protocol header information (not including payload data), email address in SMTP protocol. Your personal data will be deleted from our Access Log after passing 1 year since the collection. Please advise us on the status of delivery?


Your personal data is classified into NAOJ/NINS digital data confidentiality level 2. We also conform to using and handing your data with Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, see this contact information.